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DNP’s DS40 Dye Sub Printer – Just Say Cheese Photos


I was just featured on the DNP website. Please check out the article below. I am totally honored!


Just Say Cheese Photos Is A One-Man Show With DNP’s DS40 Dye-sublimation Printer


CONCORD, North Carolina — It isn’t easy to be the sole photographer at events attended by thousands. But Tony Guillory, who owns and operates Just Say Cheese Photos, has a few secrets for making it work. Since going solo in 2008, he’s developed a reputation throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for serving up high quality images for events large and small. Key to his ability to deliver quality that surpasses expectations, he says, is DNP’s award-winning DS40 dye-sublimation printer, which he deploys at every event.

“I started offering onsite printing services in 2008,” said Guillory. “Now with the DS40 I have cut my print time from 18 seconds down to eight. The decrease in print time makes a huge difference, especially when servicing large crowds of hundreds or even thousands of event attendees.”

Guillory’s recent upgraded to the DS40 was in response to client demand for his services at larger events. “I made the decision to upgrade to the DS40 because it allowed me to keep working on my own,” said Guillory. “I’ve seen competitors work many of the same size events as I do, but they have two or three people on staff. With the DS40 I can handle an event for a few people up to a few thousand by myself.”

In addition to being able to remain the “one man show” he’s been since 2008, Guillory says the DS40 lets him accomplish two objectives that would otherwise be at odds with each other: He’s decreased the amount of time it takes to print a photo while simultaneously increasing the quality not just of the photo but of the overall experience as well. Just Say Cheese now offers high quality event pictures in as little as eight seconds per capture.

Just Say Cheese prints almost exclusively 4×6 images, but the flexibility of the DS40 can easily accommodate requests for 5×7 prints with a quick media swap. Also, by using dye-sublimation printing technology, every photo produced by the DS40 is finished with a special coating to ensure the image is dry as soon as it’s been printed; a feature Guillory’s clients love. “One of my biggest selling points is that almost every client assumes the prints are still wet,” said Guillory. “With the DS40 every print is dry and laminated making them essentially ‘kid-proof’ and parents love that.”

“The DS40 has been instrumental in allowing my business to grow and maintain the consistent quality my customers have come to expect,” said Guillory. “The speed, the reliability and the print quality of the DS40 are truly impressive!”

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DNP Just Say Cheese Photo case study 1

DNP Just Say Cheese Photo case study 1