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More than Just a Photo Booth

I want a Green Screen Photo Booth for my event! Just Say Cheese Photos is more than Just a Photo Booth. Just Say Cheese Photos is Open-Air Photo Booth, On-Site Printing, Green Screen Photo Booth Dallas. We capture fun memories and turn them into keepsakes for you and your guests. While photo booths are becoming traditional additions to many galas, celebrations, parties, and marketing events, we distinguish ourselves from the other vendors by focusing on quality prints (and images) along with excellent customer service. Those key metrics are hard to produce with manual photo booths which rely on guests to “mash the start button”.

Open-Air Photo Booth

How many events have you attended where there is a manual photo booth and a long line of people waiting for their turn? Then when it is finally their turn, it seems to take forever as they need to figure out what to do, how to stand, how far to stand away from the screen, what props to wear, how to pose, where to look, and finally…WHO IS GOING TO MASH THE START BUTTON?

JSCP eliminates all of that for you!

Our open-air photo booth can accommodate for larger sized crowds. We provide professional lighting to capture all the colors and make them pop. Our set up is manned by an actual photographer armed with a high-resolution camera. Images can be viewed instantaneously and retaken without hesitation or the need for the guest to return to the end of the line to start the process over again.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Over 90% of our clients request the green screen photo booth option because of its flexibility to change backgrounds instantly. We can transport your guests anywhere with the click of a button.

On-Site Printing

Forget those tiny 2-inch strips! Our open-air photo booth prints 4×6, 5×7, or 6×8 images on quality photo paper. You won’t go home and check your pockets looking for a single strip with 3 tiny images crammed onto it. Let’s admit it, it is harder to lose or misplace a large size image. However, for those who are indeed fans of the strips, we can also print 2×6 strips!

Book A Photo Booth Today!

We have been serving the North Texas area since 2008. Our digital backgrounds can be customized to match your theme including adding a logo and test to each image. Our packages all come with unlimited printing and are priced per hour. We will make every effort to meet budgets and can suggest recommendations based upon event size. Call, Email, or Text us today!